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Recently a game is launched on the google play store naming ”AngryPrash Funny Game”. After it’s first appearance, gamers as well as normal people found it very interesting. Now people want to know more about this game.

So, today we will be telling you the complete story of Angry Prash Funny Game. We will also tell you who made this game and how? So stay with us.

Do you know about About Angry Prash and Angry Army? If yes, then you will understand this article and also this game in minutes.

Angry Prash Funny Game is a fan made game featuring Prash who is a most famous YouTuber in India but interesting fact about him is that no one know who is he? Because, he had never revealed his face. He always wear a mask of his Cartoon character (Angry Prash).

Millions of people watch him on daily basis and love his character. So, a game developer in Pakistan thought that why no one has developed a game on him? As there are thousands of YouTubers, on which various games have been made but why not on Angry Prash? So, he think that i will do this work.


Who Made Angry Prash Funny Game?

Angry Prash Funny Game was first developed by a Pakistani developer whose name is Amjad Ali. He is about 23 years old and have more than 7 years of experience in computer software and game development.

He told The German Side that ”I am the fan of Angry Prash and when i search his name on the google play store, i didn’t find any game that were mad on him. So, i decided to make a simple platformer game that will feature India’s most famous anonymous YouTuber Angry Prash”.


How Angry Prash Funny Game Was Developed?

Angry Prash Funny Game was developed in Gdevelop 5 which is drag and drop game engine. With this software, you can easily make a simple or advance game with no coding knowledge. You can simply drag and drop items and give conditions and actions to objects to make a game.

For example, if you want to make a game on Angry Prash in which Angry Prash will run on a motorway. While running on a motorway, he will get coins, jump from many obstacles, run fast, run slow, and stops at a certain point. It’s very easy to do in Gdevelop 5 4 or any version.

All you want to do is to create the character of Angry Prash or any other person or cartoon you want. But keep in mind that the character will be in .PNG format.

Then insert all the object like main character (player), obstacles, enemies, motorway picture (to use as a background), and other related objects like coins etc.

Then you will need to give conditions to each and every object and then apply actions to that conditions for a specific object. For example, if you want your character or object to run, simply add condition ”Whenever a person tap on the screen” and then add action ”apply force or movement to the object”. Then you will have to add some values like how much force you want to add to you object and some other things. In this way your object will start motions and will run on the motorway.

Then you will have to add another conditions and actions to the other objects also. Angry Prash Funny Game developer, Amjad ali told us that i have made my game in Gdevelop 5 in this way (as we told you above).


Secret Objects In Angry Prash Funny Game

angry prash

Angry Prash Funny Game is very simple when you install it and maybe you will not feel relaxed if you play it. But there are a lot of secret object in the game. Here is an example of that object.

This screen shot was taken on Samsung Galaxy A 20. As you can see in the photo, there are many objects like bees, zombie fish, enemy tiktok, and other objects. But you will also see a small music icon on the left side of Angry Prash. When i play this game for the first time, i accidentally collided with that music icon.

After colliding with it, i was amazed. Something weird and awesome happened in the game. So, try to jump high and touch you player with that music icon in Angry Prash Funny Game.

I hope you will like these information about Angry Prash Funny Game. Don’t forget to comment below. Thanks for reading:-)

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