How Flying Pac Endless Maze Was Made?



On October 2020, a simple Arcade game was released naming ”Flying Pac Endless Maze”. This game has attracted the gaming community like a magnet. People want to know more about this game like who made this game? How this game was made? How to play this game?

So, in this article, i will tell you the story of Flying Pac Endless Maze. You will learn very interesting information about this game. So stay connected with us.


How Flying Pac Endless Maze Was Made?

Actually, Flying Pac Endless Maze was first created by a Moroccon developer whose name was Sophiane Allisahir Ul Jabbar. He made the game in Buildbox Version 2.3.6 which is a drag and drop game engine. After making the game, he found it useless because he was not able to advertise it on Google Adwards. That’s why he try to sell it on Flippa (which is free source to buy and sell online businesses).

After listing the game on Flippa, many developers found it helpful and a good investment but the lucky one was David Jacob who placed the highest bid on the listing. Some other developers also bid on the listing to beat David Jacob but he didn’t slept all the night to bid again and again to win the game. And finally he win the listing and won the game.

After buying the game from Sophiane Allisahir Ul Jabbar, David Jacob decide to do some changes in the game. He struggles day and night to make the game more and more interesting and addictive. He first changed the name of the game which was first ”Flying Clock Madness”. He changed it to ”Flying Pac Endless Maze”.

When The German Side asked David Jacob that why he changed the game name? Answering to this question, Mr. Sophiane Allisahir Ul Jabbar told me that ”when i play Pac Man game for the first time on my computer, i got an idea to develop a game like this but i didn’t exactly did that. I just copied the name and the secret is that the Pac word is taken from Pac Man”. He told that the clock was very weird that was the main character of the game so, i decided to insert Pac Man as a main character (player).

After changing the player, David Jacob changed the obstacles and enemies of the game also. At first, the enemies of the player was non living things like stones, trees, buildings and other things. But David replaced all the enemies by living things like Zombie fish, Halloween ghosts, insects and cockroaches etc.

ghost pngThe game contain many scary enemies and obstacles. David Jacob make the game very hard to play because of the scary ghosts and very active obstacles. If you were hit by this ghost head, 50% of your XP (health) will be terminated and it will be then impossible for you to complete the first level.

The most easy trick to pass out this ghost head is to keep your Pac flying at the top and make sure to not land the Pac too much. This trick will help you fly safe from obstacles.



How To Play Flying Pac Endless Maze?

The simulation of the Pac is very easy and smooth. Just tap anywhere on the screen to make the Pac jump in the air. As you tap on the screen, the Pac will jump high and vice versa.

If you face an obstacle in your path, just tap anywhere on the screen to pass out the obstacle by jumper or do not tap to pass out the enemies by going down to the earth (depends upon situation and enemies you face).

Also note that some enemies will hit you vertically from the sky. So, try to stay safe while flying.


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