Is Hemorrhoids Surgery Painful? My Hemorrhoids Operation Story

My Hemorrhoid’s Operation Story

If you are a a patient of haemorrhoids and want to know everything about it’s surgery, then you must read this article because i was also a hemorrhoids patient. But Alhamdulillah, i got surgery and now i am fine. I will share everything about this disease with you and what happened to me. I will do not hide any information.

At the age of 21 years, i got affected by this disease after seeing a piece of blood in my pieces. But i didn’t take this serious. After some weeks, this symptom (release of blood during toilet) increases. Then i go into tension due to these symptoms and i search ”blood in pieces” on Google and YouTube. After watching some videos for an hour, i realised that it is a disease called ”hemorrhoids” or ”piles”.


Then after few weeks, i discussed this issue with one of my friend (Afzal Amin) who guided me a lot in this disease. But i was amazed when he told me that i am also a hemorrhoids patient. He told me all the symptoms which i also saw in toilet. Then we decided to go to a nearby hospital which was located in Dilli Jaba, Buner KPK.

A doctor whose name was Dr. Sultan E Room also guided both of us a lot. He first do a check up of our rectum with the help of a finger and found that we both are affected by haemorrhoids or piles. He prescribed us some medicines. After consuming the tablets and other medicines, my hemorrhoids symptoms gone and i was feeling comfortable and there was no pain or aches during toilet.

Time was passing and i forgot this disease but after a year, the hemorrhoid’s symptoms appear again and this time the symptoms were very strong and in large amount. I also feel pain during toilet and after toilet. My eggs were also swelling severely. I was told that if the haemorrhoids symptoms appear again, then you will need to do a surgery. But the problem was that i feel fear doing surgery.

Then i decided to cure this disease with my own method. I left all non veg foods and spicy meals. I drink a lot of water in very less time. I started exercise and jogging. I star eating vegetables and high fibre foods. All these habits continue for 2 or 3 weeks. But then my friend (Afzal Amin who was also a hemorrhoids patient) got it’s surgery. When he told me about this, i was shocked. Then i also decided to cure this disease with surgery because all my efforts gone in vain.

Next week, i went to a private hospital (which was located in Sowari Buner). Dr. Saif U Rehman analyse my disease and found that you are attacked by haemorrhoids or piles. He then told me that you will need to do a small surgery right now to cure this disease because there is no other solution to this disease.

Dr. Saif U Rehman is very intelligent and expert in normal surgical operations and management. He take care of their patients and try his best to cure their diseases. He received many medals and awards from government in surgical department. He is about 60 years old and he has 20+ years experience. He is from Swat but he work part time in Sowari private hospital.

It was about 10 o’clock when he prescribed me a medicine to take immediately. This medicine was very strange because it can’t be eaten or swollen nor it’s an injection. It was a small bottle which need to be put inside rectum and make it empty inside large intestine. I do this process in a private room by myself. The function of this bottle was to empty the large intestine from pieces (which help the doctors a lot during surgery).

After an hour, i went to the operation theatre and the surgery process started. Doctor Saif U Rehman put an injection inside my rectum to unconscious me. Trust me it was the most painful process but the good thing is that it is a 2-3 sec pain. Then my lower body got unconscious. They started the process of operation and i was feeling a little pain in my lower body. The surgery took 30 mint of time and then i was released from the theatre.

This was part 1 of this article. I will share more details of my surgery in the next few days because i am quite busy now. So make sure to check my website for the next part. Thank you!

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