Success Story Of Factrikz – Founder, Income, Net Worth

Factrikz is one of the most subscribed and viewed channel of Pakistan. It has gained the attention and viewership of more than 300 millions people. It’s worldwide subscribers rank is #23,129 while views rank is #29,190. But country wise subscribers and views rank is 222nd and worldwide entertainment rank is 7,654th.

Behind the success of Factrikz, there are many efforts and struggles which we cannot see. But we have met the founder of Factrikz and it’s creator. So we will be telling you the story according to Ashraf Ali (who is the founder of Factrikz). So stay with us!


The name of the creator and founder of Factrikz (news and entertainment company) is Mr Ashraf Ali AKA ASF. He has a very poor family background and very bad financial background also.

He has only completed his FSc level education from a local college in Hangatu, near Nawagai. He did his primary and high education from Jica model school Agarai, buner. After completing his high level education (class 8th), he moved to Hira public school kawga, buner. Where he admitted again in 8th class because of the changes in curriculum and Urdu medium to English medium education system. That mean he wasted his one year.

ashraf buner
The time when he created his channel 2016

While he was studying in class 9th in hira public school kawga buner, he watched a video of Tamoor Pardasi (Tamoor Gundal) on YouTube, who is a very famous Tech – YouTuber and also a teacher of more than 50 million youtubers, bloggers, and web developers.

After watching his first video on YouTube, Ashraf Ali decided to create a YouTube channel and start making videos to earn money. But he did a mistake that every new YouTuber make. He didn’t think about the niche in which he was expert or in which he was interested. He start working on same Tech niche as his teacher Tamoor Pardasi. That mean he copied his teacher idea due to which he didn’t succeed in YouTube fast.

But a day comes when he decided to make videos on other topics like news, biography, and information as his tech videos was almost flop. He worked very hard for almost one year but didn’t get a single piece of dollar. But when he changed his channel category (niche), his first, second, then fourth and then fifth video got viral on YouTube. His first video was made on Micheal Jakson. His second video was made on Iqrar Ul Hassan who is the founder of Sar E Aam TV Show.

His Iqrar Ul Hassan’s video got more than 900k views in less than 24 hrs. This video gained more than $170. And from here, his career started and now he has more than 740k subs and more than 300 million views.



Factrikz founder Ashraf Ali told The German Side that he is making a salary same as a college principal in Pakistan. He told us that he is actually a millionaire in his local area. If we say that he is multi millionaire, it’s also true according to him. He has recently bought a new model toyota vitz and now planning to buy a Toyota hilux vigo INSHALLAH.

He told us that the main problem in his village is the path, which is not enough wide to drive car perfectly. You will have to stop and reverse your car if you face another vehicle in your way.


Net Worth

Ashraf Ali AKA ASF is actually a millionaire in his local area. If we say that he is multi millionaire, it’s also true according to him. But keep in mind that we are talking in Pakistani currency as we are discusting about a Pakistani YouTuber. Pakistani currency or PKR is equal to 0.07 US dollars. So, i hope you will have understood how much he earned from his channel and how much his net worth is.

His channel’s popularity is that his videos are appeared more than 18 times on the Trending page of YouTube Pakistan. He showed all the proofs and screenshots which he recorded when his videos were in trending page.

Now he is planning to create a global version of Factrikz which will publish contents worldwide. He has also developed many apps and games. He is also a blogger but in these fields, he found less success due to busy time.

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