What Happen After Doing Piles Surgery? My Hemorrhoid’s Surgery Story

Welcome back to another fresh article based on the story of my hemorrhoid’s surgery or piles surgery or piles operation. As we know that in our previous article, we discussed many things about hemorrhoid’s and piles. I also told my short story in that article in which i did pile operation but due to lack of free time, i didn’t included things happening after hemorrhoid’s surgery.

So today in this new article, i will tell you what happened to me after doing piles operation or surgery. But before that, i want to tell you that if you are a piles patient, then you strongly recommended to visit my website’s homepage for gaining more knowledge and info about piles or hemorrhoid’s. Also try to find out the 1st part of this article (my hemorrhoid’s surgery story part 01).

As you read in my previous article that after doing piles surgery, i was told to rest for a few hours. I was also instructed that if you feels comportable after a couple of hours, then you will be released from the hospital and you can go to your home.

For few hours (maybe 2 or 3 hours) i feel comportable and relaxed but after that, my large intestine started swelling and there was a lot of pain inside my rectum and my large intestine. I told the doctor but he didn’t do anything except some drips which was inject to my inside my arm.

After few hours, i tried to go to washroom for urine excretion but when i stand up from the bed, i went to inconciousness due to low blood pressure. My brother and my father ran to me and they hold my arm and told me to do some rest. After an hour, i tried again to stand up but whenever i tried to stand up my b.p would become low. The doctor then instructed me to raise your feet in upward direction (in the sky) it will increase your b.p. I did so and my b.p become normal.

Then after a couple minutes, i stand up again slowly slowly and i didn’t face any issue. But the new problem occured when i tried to excrete urine. I was failed to do so because there was a large strip or bandage which was injected inside my rectum to protect the wound from infections and heal it faster. I tried a lot but i failed.

Resting for at least 9 hours in the hospital, i was discharged from the hospital. Swelling and pain was controlled due to painkillers. But a new problem begin when i reached home. I went to washroom which is constructed inside my room. A couple of minutes, the doctor told me that when you reach home try to pull out the bandage which is present in your large intestine (rectum). I tried a lot to do so but i failed because when i touch it, a huge amount of pain occure inside my rectum. It also started swelling. Then i called my doctor at 12 pm or nearly. He instructed me to rotate the bandage while pulling it out. I do so and ALHAMDULILLAH, the bandages comes out with a few drops of blood. I clean myself and then i went to sleep.

After waking up in the morning, ALHAMDULILLAH there was no pain but whenever i would use toilet, pain would occure. It is not wrong if i say that piles surgery is enemy of washroom. When you go to toilet, you will face many difficulties and pain. This problem will continue for 2-3 weeks. For me it continues 2-3 weeks but some healthy people may face it for 1 week.

But don’t worry about the pains and swellings because the doctor will give you painkillers in very large amount. After consuming the medicines, you will feel no pain. After 3 weeks, i was playing cricket and other games. Now after 3 month, ALHAMDULILLAH i am fine. But one thing to be noted that after surgery, you will still see some blood drops in your pieces but don’t worry about that because the doctor will tell you that you will see blood in your pieces for at least 6-8 months. So that is not a big deal.

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