Lifestyle Of Pathan Tribe – Who are Pathans? Interesting Facts

Lifestyle Of Pathan Tribe – Who are Pathans? Interesting Factspathan

Pathan are the most brave people in the world. Maybe you have heard the word ”Pathan” in your primary school books or in your comic book or maybe you have seen them on your TV screen. But most people don’t know the lifestyle of pathan and their pathan culture.

As a Pathan, i will tell you about their lifestyle and culture. But make sure to read this article carefully from start to end and read it word by word. If you are new visitor on our website, make sure to allow notification on your browser for our website.


Why Pathan are called Pathan?

We call them pathan because of their language and offcourse their strong Promises and faith on God. They speak their native language called ”Pashto” but like English, Pashto has also varieties of ascents. For example; the people of Afghanistan speak Afghani Pashto. People of Pakistan especially, KPK speak simple pashto. In fact, the people of Pakistan can’t speak and understand Afghani pashto but Afghani can.


Who are Pathan?

Pathan are the most simple people in the world. The most interesting fact about them is that they are the oldest tribe on the earth. Most of their population are Muslims. Their are only a few percent of Non Muslims in them.


Pathan Lifestyle

As we told you above that Pathan are the most simple people in the world. So, their lifestyle is very simple. Some people also make fun of their lifestyle and their get up but we should keep in mind that we should not judge a person or a tribe by their look.

Their dresses and get up are somewhere similar to the world best man Mohammad S.A.W who is the last messenger of Almighty Allah. That’s why i told you above that we should not make fun of a Pathan.

Their dress include of 3 main things; 1. Shilwar Kameez. 2. Sadar. 3. Pakol.

The Pathans of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are so simple that in the mid 80s, when a colonel visit one of their district called ”Buner”, the people of Buner cut some gross on the ground and threw it in front of the colonel’s vehicle. When the officer asked them about it, they told that you ride on it and we thought that it will be hungry so we bring foods for it. Some people presses their tyre. When the colonel asked them that why your are pressing the tyres? The Pathan asnwered that we thought that the feet of this ride will feel fatiguness.

After seeing the people of Buner, the colonel then decided to make this district tax free. And till now (January 2021) the people of Buner are free of all government taxes. In fact, they can buy and drive non custom paid cars also. They have no income tax and FBR restrictions.


Interesting Facts About Pathans

The most interesting fact about Pathan is that they love to fight. The percentage of Fights are very high in them. But from the creation of the earth till now, no one of them fought with the messengers of Allah Almighty.

As you know that there are more than 124000 Prophets and messenger born and died (May Allah Bless Them) but till now only a single person of Pathan tribe didn’t fought with them in the history.

The second facts about Pathan is that the are mostly obedient of Allah Almighty. They are the most honest people on the planet. They love to support and help each others. They also take care of their neighbours and relatives. They also love to keep their women in parda. Even if a girl try to create relation with a boy, they kill both of them including the girl and the boy.

But as you know that good and bad people are everywhere. So, in Pathans, there are also some bad people who will treat you like an animal. Cheaters and haters are also present in their tribe. But their culture is very strange and unique. All the people of the world will like their culture if they read and learn it.

Some people think that they are terrorist. Here i will tell you that it is a very long topic and i will discus it in my next article. Stay with the German side. Thank you!

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